HIRE for Personality, Train for Skills!!

Concerning team members…HIRE for personality, train for skills!! Which personality traits? Consider who in your life you have been the most productive with? Who brings out the BEST in you and helps you be at the very top of your game? Who is that person? What personality traits do they/did they posses such that they […]

Chiropractic Courage: Building Up Your Fortitude

When we have a thought. We have two choices. Determine if that thought is a feeling or a fact. There is nothing wrong with emotion. You have every right to feel but remember that you get to choose… Do I want to give into that emotion or do I want to do something that changes […]

Lessons Learned from Friday’s Earthquake and the Ensuing After-Math

 I am so incredibly thankful for all of the love, prayers, offers to help, Facebook messages, texts, phone calls, and FB posts that you have showered me with since the earthquake interrupted our lives up here in The Last Frontier! Every year I do an Ultimate Marketing Summit for my private coaching clients and my […]

Real answers about LLC, S Corp and C Corp. Plus hiring strategies!

I trust you’re having a great week! I love helping chiropractors solve problems and provide them with expert answers instead of the free advice that finds its way to many social media pages on the web. I am forever amazed at the untruths or half truths that are accepted as gospel despite being flat out […]