Here’s a Great Tip I Learned from Rachel Hollis…

If you know me very well then you know that a lot of the content that I share whether from the platform, through email, Facebook Lives, etc is just from me figuring out my own stuff. I have always gravitated to solve my challenges publicly because I firmly believe that “We’re in this game called […]


Because building relationships with female chiropractors who want to be instinctively successful is my obsession, I am sharing my story with you. There are parts that are embarrassing and some that are completely raw; however, I am willing to bare it all so that you and your children don’t have to suffer the way that […]

Upgrading your goals…

Nearly every stage I speak from, I ask the audience, “Raise your hand if you’re truly living to your optimum potential.” Shockingly, not one time-EVER-has anyone raised their hand. Shocking right? If you were in the audience and I asked that question, would you raise your hand? If you’re like me then you are forever […]

3 Quick Daily Habits To Get Back On Track

Looking for inspiration to get back on track and at maximum production? If you’re like me than this summer had all kinds of C-H-I-L-L associated with it! While it was fun while it lasted, it’s definitely time to get back into grind mode!! You with me? I must confess that since before I was even […]

Crank Up the Profits In Your Practice Without Adding Stress

Check out this great analogy from Best Selling Author – Mike Michalowicz during our interview. I go to a chiropractor. I found when my back is out you don’t fix it in one adjustment…. It’s multiple visits and adjustments – it’s incremental adjustments until finally I feel amazing. The same exact same thing is with […]