Strategies For Overwhelmed Moms

The feeling of overwhelm is something that most new moms can relate to. Am I right? It’s the guilt, stress, and lack of knowledge about how they should be taking care their family while also trying to take care of themselves with no sleep. Let’s not get started if you’re an new mama and entrepreneur. […]

3 Habits To Adopt

Habits are the foundation of who you become. Whether good or bad, they contribute to your character and outcomes in life…

3 Forms of Motivation

Did you know there are 3 forms of motivation? I break it down here! Desperation Justification/rationalization Inspiration Desperation is that emergency kind of like, wow… I got to do it. Which by the way my dad taught me 50 years ago, there are very few emergencies in life. And you’ll probably be a lot happier […]