3 Things Chiropractors Should Do Before The Year Ends

There’s 3 things chiropractors should be doing right now! These are the same three things I have my private coaching clients do during this time of the year and I wanted to share it with you! 1. Literally, pick up the phone, call your practice members and just let them know I was thinking about […]

4 Requirements of a Successful Leader

Looking to improve your strategic partners? Remember these are 4 requirements of a successful leader. 1. A successful leader casts vision 2. Create culture 3. Accountability 4. Hold space I explain this more here. Need more guidance? Reach out!

Anxiety & The Quarantine Life

Is the Coronavirus outbreak making you anxious? I get it, it’s a frightening time. We’re in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, with cities and even entire countries shutting down. Most people are watching the headlines and wondering, “What is going to happen next?” Even before COVID19 swept our world, stress was at an all […]

Feeling Overwhelmed By Social Media?

Are you wasting time thinking about what to post on social media? I thought I’d share a little about a mindset first and how that got me through a tough time… I remember when my kids were little and I found myself going door to door to promote my new Chiropractic business in a tiny […]

5 Proven Ways to Keep Your Family Strong, Happy, and Together During Chaos

by Dr. Barbara Eaton with special guest Dr. Chelsea Rainey I am excited to engage with you today on this topic that is near and dear to my heart. Families are who I fight for…not just keeping them as one, but helping them to be tightly woven together like a tweed fabric. The beauty and […]

White Board Topics During COVID

When I built my office in 1998, the plans insisted that a large white board was the focal point of each adjusting room. I figured that if there was a central theme for my practice members and I to discuss each day that those conversations would lead to a deeper connection yielding better relationships, higher […]

What To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed

HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: It is WAY TO EASY to allow our minds to render us ineffective in our businesses if we do not confront our desire for perfection with a pinch of REALITY. HERE’S THE TRUTH: We will not be able to stand the weight of our own perfectionism for long before […]

One of My Secrets…

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] As a female, and as a Chiropractor, I found it absolutely necessary to define things in my own way. By that I mean, my success or my failures were only successes or failures if I CHOSE to see them that way, because I was the one setting the […]