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Why Should I Join?

Are you ready to join the booming wave that has swept across the nation? My name is Barbara and I am here to be a personal mentor on your own difficult journey. I will walk you by the hand to guide you up the ladder of success

Robin Ellsworth

Last year when Dr. Barbara Eaton interviewed me for 56 day chiropractic boot camp I told her one of my goals was to have a place to live in navarre beach Fl. near my older brother and his family. He retired there in 2013. But at that time, it was to far out of reach financially for me. Well this weekend a small condo opened up for sale and I put a contract on it! I decided that I can use it a few weeks a yr and rent it out the remaining wks. of the yr. Then when I am ready I can move there permanently. Here’s to 56 day chircopractic boot camp making dreams become reality!

Maybe you’ve built a successful practice and yet you’re bored, knowing you have another gear to grab. Is there an uneasiness within that keeps prompting you to step it up, but you don’t know what that looks like or how to do it? Oh ROCK STAR, you have found your home!!

Rachae Bell-Hamilton

We had our best month collections EVER!!! Our billing rockstar made a stretch goal for collections this month and beat it by 2K! Most patient visits this last week and hit a record in visits per day in the last month too. Our team is on FIRE!! Two new employees in the last two months (replacing one who was a dud and the other is heading to Chiro School!) and they are rockstars helping us elevate to the next level! Personally it has been the toughest two months of my life, so I couldn’t be more proud of my team, and myself, for staying strong and continuing to show up everyday.

The 56 Day Chiropractic Boot Camp to DOUBLE Your Business is home to chiropractors and DCS2B from all over the globe who are committed to living out our chiropractic philosophy, which clearly states that we are to live to our optimum potential while inspiring others to do the same.

Lucy Cleary

Love it. I’m down here in Australia and while I have restrictions on certain things I can implement, I still have tons of things I can put into practice. Twenty years in practice and there is still so much to learn. I love my tribe. They have my back no matter what distance. Best thing I’ve done for me.

Throughout the past two decades I have observed that nearly every chiropractor, and student, knows WHAT to do to grow their practice…educate, referrals, internal marketing, external marketing, events, etc. However, most don’t know HOW to effectively execute these practice-growth strategies. And even fewer understand the rationale behind each action. Failure to grasp the WHY leaves doctors confused, defeated, and thus relenting to a “cookie-cutter” practice that is someone else’s version of success. 

That robotic-notion ends here, my friend. I have never met two chiropractors who are the same; therefore, it is impossible to have two chiropractic practices that are the same. Within the boot camp, I will teach you how to build a rock-solid business structure so that your practice stands firm over-time and given the ups and downs. You’ll love the ease and confidence of a systems-strong business!

Kristen Welsh Gravlin

So with 2 pregnant docs (1 very, very pregnant) our numbers were dropping way below my comfort level… Dr. Barb got us back into our systems… We made over 200 recalls starting Monday, by Friday we had Baby 1, and a huge adjusting day! Then during the 3 hour Sat office hours I adjusted more people than I did on Wed!!!! And I’m 30 weeks pregnant! Oh and collections on Friday alone was about what our goal was for the ENTIRE WEEK! I was on fire and had soooo much Fun!!! Thanks Barbara Eaton and the bootcamp tribe!!! You all inspire me to do and serve more every day!!!

I have created a group of like-minded docs to help you grow your practice in fun and invigorating ways. You will not get a list of To Dos that only leaves us feeling like a failure at the end of the day because you accomplished 30 out of the 100. On the contrary, you’ll learn from the top names within our profession, as they give you 7-jam-packed days of content-rich trainings so that you and your team only pull the BIGGEST levers in your practice. Ain’t no one got time for busy-ness, right? 

Inside the boot camp, everything is about you and the construction of your extraordinary life!! I am here to guide you, support, and keep you on track and focused on the accomplishment of your audacious goals in order to live your dreams!

Brett Usher

The difference a year of boot camp makes Apr18 – 16np , 374 pv, 24k collections
Apr19 – 39np, 924 pv, $54k collections

I am eager to know you! 

Are you feeling the same way? You are? Well, great! 

Let’s take this connection to the next level by having an open and engaging conversation. Answer a few questions here and grab a spot from my schedule. If I am confident that I can help you, I’ll lay out the game plan. If not, I’ll make sure to find you the right coach or group so that you can get what you need to be your very best. 

Don’t delay. You’ve come this far, doc/student. Don’t stop now. Complete this part of your journey. Success is about what we start. It’s dependent upon what we finish.

Don’t Delay!

You’ve come this far, which indicates YOU WANT THIS! Stop thinking. Take action. Success isn’t about what you start in life. It’s what you finish.