What To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed

HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: It is WAY TO EASY to allow our minds to render us ineffective in our businesses if we do not confront our desire for perfection with a pinch of REALITY. HERE’S THE TRUTH: We will not be able to stand the weight of our own perfectionism for long before […]

Making Decisions

I’m often asked questions about, or I’m told like…“I just really struggle making decisions.” So here’s a really easy tip I know always works when making decisions, Commit: Any less than 100%… is a no. So when you get asked to do something or you have an opportunity to, let’s say, invest in yourself, or […]

Upgrading your goals…

Nearly every stage I speak from, I ask the audience, “Raise your hand if you’re truly living to your optimum potential.” Shockingly, not one time-EVER-has anyone raised their hand. Shocking right? If you were in the audience and I asked that question, would you raise your hand? If you’re like me then you are forever […]

3 Quick Daily Habits To Get Back On Track

Looking for inspiration to get back on track and at maximum production? If you’re like me than this summer had all kinds of C-H-I-L-L associated with it! While it was fun while it lasted, it’s definitely time to get back into grind mode!! You with me? I must confess that since before I was even […]

Chiropractic Courage: Building Up Your Fortitude

When we have a thought. We have two choices. Determine if that thought is a feeling or a fact. There is nothing wrong with emotion. You have every right to feel but remember that you get to choose… Do I want to give into that emotion or do I want to do something that changes […]

Should It Be A Meeting?

Did you know most office workers spend at least 45% of their week in meetings? That means on average, we spend more than 3 months per year in meetings Are you willing to spend 30 seconds to reduce that number? Well here is an an easy to use Flow Chart to help you in the next situation


So, I want to get personal with you for a minute. Why? Because I truly care about you and the lives that you are currently caring for and the ones who have been forgotten and/or who have not met you yet. Doc, today is the day to get really clear about your future. Today is […]

Obscurity is our greatest subluxation!

Obscurity…that is our greatest subluxation! Do you agree? Even those who have been active in their communities for decades still suffer from obscurity because society has very short attention spans. In addition to the short attention spans they’re bombarded with endless messages of negativity whether it’s the 24 hour news streams that download doom and […]