White Board Topics During COVID

When I built my office in 1998, the plans insisted that a large white board was the focal point of each adjusting room. I figured that if there was a central theme for my practice members and I to discuss each day that those conversations would lead to a deeper connection yielding better relationships, higher […]

Innate & An Acorn

An acorn has all kinds of potential in it but in order for it to maximize it’s potential it has to number one, have fertile ground. It has to have rain. It has to have sunshine. And it has to have the space to grow. Guess what? Your innate potential is just like that. In order […]

Are You Passing Subluxations on to Your Kids?

Just like we pass on our hair color, our eye color, certain mannerisms that you have. We also pass on subluxations. Join the 56 Day Chiropractic Boot Camp now to learn more vital content.


What does luck have to do with health? And take it into a referral request. For more help with referrals, download my FREE Endless Referrals Cheat Sheet.


Write the word vomit and connect it to innate intelligence! As a chiropractor, your job is to locate and remove vertebral subluxation and to correct problems in your practice member’s spine and their nervous system that would interfere with that potential, with their innate intelligence being at it’s maximum because when innate intelligence is allowed to […]

Innate Intelligence

Stimulate attention and referrals with White Board Topics. “Innate intelligence is the wisdom within your body.” Access FREE Endless Referrals Cheat Sheet