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Let’s find out if we’re a fit. As your coach, it is my job to uncover what is holding you back so that you can LIVE your OPTIMUM POTENTIAL! It is my pleasure to be the catalyst for chiropractors, just like you, to FINALLY see their brilliance and therefore rise to their maximized, CRAZY FUN and SUCCESSFUL life!

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How do you know the boot camp is right for you?
If the following statements fire you up, welcome home! You’re Boot Camp-ready. Congratulations!

  • You never feel like it’s enough just to get to the top. You insist on staying there.
  • Being the best means engineering your life so that you fully embrace the highs and the lows. “I never lose. I either win or I learn.” GC
  • While most docs are okay being “good”; you’re committed to being UNSTOPPABLE.
  • You trust your instincts because you take full responsibility for your life’s outcomes.
  • You recognize that fear is from within; therefore you’re FAR greater than anything that potentially limits your optimum potential.
  • You are at your peak when you are in a Tribe of like-minded, grit-seeking rock stars!

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