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Upcoming events and talks featuring Dr. Barbara Eaton

Peds, Pregnancy &

Infertility Boot CampĀ 

Sherman College

Feb 26 – Feb 27th, 2021

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Vancouver, WA

September 18 – 21st, 2021

Blair ConferenceĀ 


December 5th, 2021

Key Notes:

“Lasting Leadership: Understanding the Mind’s Blueprint”

Dr. Barbara Eaton shares her powerful and transformative message that shows leaders and entrepreneurs what it truly means to lead and what is getting in the way of every single human being when it comes to potential. She shares how to fully step into our authentic selves, lead with ease and have a fresh lens on what it means to be a leader today!
Key Take Aways:
  • Understand how the mind works and how it directly shapes our reality
  • Determine survival constraints that are getting in the way of whole success
  • Tangible strategies to create lasting change