Create More Freedom In Your Practice

by | Mar 10, 2021 | Grow Your Business | 0 comments

Throughout my chiropractic coaching career, I have talked to so many doctors who desperately want to create more freedom in their practice. Their schedules are packed and they know that they can keep attracting more, it’s just there’s no room.

Each of these docs knows that they could serve their community on a higher level; enjoy more profits; and create freedom in their lives if they had an associate. And yet KNOWING this is isn’t enough.

You see many are worried that if they hire an associate they won’t be able to pay them/won’t be able to afford the expansion. As we talk more, they’re able to see the truth about their thinking and thus make the transition to fully stepping into their role as a leader and lead chiropractor.

And listen, there isn’t a timeline by which all of this happens. Dr Jessi, whose story is below, joined the Boot Camp 5 months prior to opening her practice in June 2018. Within 7 days of opening, Jessi had her entire first month’s overhead in the bank. She didn’t stop there.

Last year during the plandemic, she PAID OFF HER STUDENTS LOANS!

Wait, there’s more…

Dr Jessi shared this with me about a month ago; “BEST MONTH EVER! And my associate doc only had 3 open appointment slots today and only has 3 tomorrow. He (her associate) is KILLING it! Oh and I am booked 3 weeks out for all appointment types.”

Why am I sharing this with you?

You know that hat full schedule that you now have? It can be 2 full schedules-one for you and one for your associate. Talk about a rich source of passive income…you’re earning from every life that your associate changes. BOO YAH!

Yes, I understand that it can feel scary. I grasp that it’s easy to stay where you are, basking in your current level of success, dismissing the nudges to hire an associate.

That nudge you’re feeling is the most natural invitation to you to GO BIGGER! Create MORE freedom in your practice!

You got this!

If you don’t want to embark on this new level alone, hit me up at or send me a FB PM. Maybe our unification is exactly what you’ve been missing.

I can’t wait to know you and and explore with you!