International Women’s Day

by | Mar 8, 2021 | Women Chiropractors | 0 comments

Happy International Women’s Day.

What if we celebrated the diversity of women like we celebrate and insist upon the diversity across all other areas of our lives?

YOU, with all of your glorious attributes and short-comings, YOU are uniquely special and highly valued!! Today, I celebrate YOU in all of your diverse ways.

Sometimes as women, we start the comparison torture early in life. We compare our body to other girls and make up stories about how others would accept or like us if we looked like the other girl.

We compare our hair color, eye color, height, weight, breast size; academic ability athletic and other accomplishments; our geographic address (as if that really had ANYTHING to do with us! ; )….and on and on we go. And guess what, NOT ONE FEMALE escapes this insanity.

The girl who you thought had it all together in high school; the one who you thought didn’t have a care in the world-her-yah, she was as scared and uncomfortable as you were. She had just adopted better disguises and deflective techniques than you. And likely because she was taught by a PRO. Her older sister or her mom modeled this skill .

At that the end of the day, you two were so similar. You just didn’t know it. You made up a story that appeared real to you about her life and she made up one about yours.

Remember we don’t live in our circumstances.
We live in our thinking!

Guess what, though we may be older in our years now, we carry on, in many ways, as if we were still those young women. We compare ourselves to other moms and unwisely conclude that we don’t measure up. This leads many moms to do things that are completely foreign to their innate nudging concerning THEIR own children.

God gave your children to YOU! You know what is right for them. Do that. And what is right for them must also yield health for you. Motherhood does not equal martyrdom. ; )

On this International Women’s Day let’s also celebrate the diversity of our relationships.

My marriage, it’s supposed to look completely different than yours. Stop and think about it for just a minute…how could my marriage look like yours when it’s two completely different people? The same is true for every other marriage/serious relationship. They all look different because the leading roles are played by completely different people. That’s a reason to celebrate.

And where you are in your career and on your journey, if you are going to compare, use the measuring stick of how far you have come. Don’t compare your beginning to another woman’s middle or end. If your life isn’t where you want it to be, get curious about what you are able to improve and do it. No guilt. No doubts. No regrets.

Just look at it with love and then set to work making the changes that God’s nudging you to do. Simple.

So, on this International Women’s Day, I celebrate and salute you!!!

You’re great just as you are! Much Love!