One day you’ll tell your story of how you’ve overcome what you’re going through now and it will become part of someone else’s story of triumph.

Dr. Melissa Briscoe Lamarche

I love the 56 Day Chiropractic Bootcamp!!!

Chiropractor- Marietta, Georgia

Dr. Ashley Saylor

There are a plethora of coaches out there, but I have yet to find one that is as caring, kind and driven as Dr. Barbara Eaton. She not only pushes you to reach beyond your full potential, she also helps you press through your road blocks to unleash this higher level of YOU than you ever knew existed! She completely changed my life for the better and I cannot thank her enough for her unending commitment, passion to serve and the kindest heart that touches all that she connects with. The best investment I could ever make in myself was hiring Dr. Barb. My life and my family’s life is even better because of her incredible coaching. If you are searching for a high quality coach and person, Dr. Barb is the one for you! She will not lead you astray and your life will only skyrocket with rewards because she helps you tap into your true potential. Thank you for all you do Dr. Barb. You have forever changed my life for the better. God bless you always.

Chiropractor- Arvada, CO

Dr. Baley Alyssa

Chiro Win Moment! One of my friends who is a nurse recently gave birth to her second child. She is only a believer in chiropractic for pain management. She has been having issues with her newbord daughter being colicy and not sleeping well and asked me for advice if chiropractic care could help her. Of course I said YES! and explained to her the benefits, the next day she took her daughter in and cannot stop thanking me and wish she was closer to me so I could provide care! Making a believe of parents to the benefits of chiro care for their kiddos makes my heart happy! I am continuously blown away at how everything is done so efficiently and effectively. You are all so amazing. Thank you again!

Chiropractor- Prescott, Arizona

Dr. Robin Hale

Joining Dr. Barbara Eaton’s 56 day chiropractic boot camp to double your business is the best decision I have ever made for my practice. She genuinely wants to see you succeed. You will never just be another number in a practice management group. You are joining a family! And just when I think it can’t get any better, boom she adds another lesson to make you successful, not only in practice, but in life.

Chiropractor- Hays, Kansas

Dr. Amber Galipp-Leger

First time ever to bonus my CA for hitting records! Record month in collections and PV’s and NP’s!!!

Chiropractor- McKinney, Texas

Dr. Ashley Wilcoxson

Biggest month in practice!!!!!!! Collected $11645 🙂 Saw 193 visits for the month:)

Chiropractor- Rogers, Arkansas

Dr. Renée Razz

I had my best month of collections yet at BOTH practices! I can also say that my patient visits and collections at both office have gone through the roof since joining the bootcamp

Chiropractor- Sudbury, Ontario

Dr. Heather Halbig Iannelli

I got to be honest I did not join the Boot Camp to double my business. I joined for guidance on hiring a chiropractor to help me because I felt like I was at max capacity with the ultimate goal of doubling my business. I’ve been so busy with new office plans that fell through and I am currently working on a new one now. It’s been a struggle waiting for what God wants for me. Without all that said I still INCREASED MY BUSINESS BY 25% in October and I haven’t implemented hardly anything from the Boot Camp, except my mindset!! I didn’t think it was possible so I wasn’t trying! It just goes to show how incredibly important mindset is! Thanks Dr. Barbara and everyone in the bootcamp tribe!

Chiropractor- Fort Wright, Kentucky

Dr. Michelle Schwenn

This week was my highest PV EVER!!!!! Our collections also reflect this!!! I’m so excited to keep growing and serving! And I’m grateful to have a place to share both wins AND struggles!! Love this tribe!!!

Chiropractor- Marion, Iowa

Dr. Jenifer Epstein

15 new patients scheduled for this week!! Thanks Boot Camp!

Chiropractor- Hershey, Pennsylvania

Dr. Monica Egan

Yay! I hit my goal and then some this month. Feels good since my focus is 10x and working hard on setting up systems to make it repeatable and achievable. Thank you Barbara Eaton for such an amazing bootcamp! I look forward to next month!

Chiropractor- Novato, California

Dr. Callie Hortsman

Had my highest collection month EVER, 12 new patients, and exceeded my monthly PV goal!!!

Chiropractor- Holman, Wisconsin

Dr. Deena Riggins

2018 versus 2019…nice steady rise in monthly collections…3-6k more!!!

Chiropractor- Aptos, California

Dr. Haleigh Cooper

I was able to open my practice on my own which is something that would have looked very different (not good) if I tried to do it on my own. I have also gained confidence in my speaking. This month I have been doing one or two Facebook live videos a day to keep in touch with my people better. I don’t get nervous anymore about doing them! I actually kind of love them. I posted this win last week, but I did my first Facebook live interview a couple weeks ago, and I have had one scheduled each week since! There are so many things I still want to learn more about and do better, but I am so thankful for all of you and the help you have given me!

Chiropractor- Marietta, Georgia

Dr. Suzanne Pikula

Oct & Nov achievments:

17 NPs

145 PV/Month (each month)

Over $10k collections each month.

My total earnings this this year tripled and went $25k over my projected totals! This is (1.5yrs in practice.)

I will increase my adjustment fees in Feb. and I am getting referrals for craniopathy & visceral adjusting only now!

Dr. Robyn Hawkins

Here’s just one small win from being in the Boot Camp: I HATE public speaking. But when the chamber asked me to give the invocation at the Women in Business Luncheon today, I said I would. In the back of my mind I heard Barbara Eaton saying “if you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not growing” 😂 That small amount of exposure connected me with 3 people wanting to make a new patient appointments!

Chiropractor- Martinez, Georgia

Dr. Danielle Lee

Dr. Barbara Eaton’s 56 Day Bootcamp is not your standard successful coaching or chiropractic management company! It’s above and beyond my expectations as far as expert content, “tribe” support, and practical applicable practice building and life growth and development tools. Hands down one of the easiest decisions I’ve made since starting my practice!

Chiropractor- Spartanburg, South Carolina

Dr. Sara Guido

I like this group more and more each day. It makes my life a lot easier. It’s really wonderful to be able to get support from like minded Chiropractic entrepreneurs. And Dr. Barb is always available to advise us.

Chiropractor- El Paso, Texas

Dr. Laura Rehmer

I really love all of the action steps I leave every meeting with Dr. Barb with. She is always bringing new resources to keep us moving forward with the mission and impact we want to have on our own community through Chiropractic! I’d highly recommend working with her!

Chiropractor- Des Moines, Iowa

Dr. Kelli Winarski

Hey, just wanted to give you a shout out. I love working with you. The first week working with you I started using the Target sheets, working on my self-image, and becoming obsessed with my goals. I set a modest goal for an average of 150 adjustments per week in April. In one week, we were able to manifest that and I didn’t even do any marketing. We saw 151 this week, up from 112 last week, 117 the week before and 95 the week before. You don’t know what you don’t know. Everyday I work with you I learn something new and improve on that. I’m really blown away. I can’t wait for more. Thank you for everything! Talk to you Monday.

Chiropractor- Columbia, Missouri

Dr. Ana Simmons

Not only have I tripled my practice the last month but I also found the perfect CA!

Chiropractor- Mary Esther, Florida

Dr. Jandy Walker Collins

YTD I’m up in PV 10% over last year!

Chiropractor- Folsom, California

Dr. Laura Huling

Had my best month ever so far! Also was able to stick to my fitness plan of going to the gym 4 days a week! Still working on learning to be a morning person.. If I can make my mornings more productive, that would absolutely increase my growth potential!

Chiropractor- Soldotna, Alaska

Andrea Villafranca-Johnson

Second busiest month in the new practice despite being short staffed. Most new patients so far in this location! Almost broke my elusive glass ceiling of PV’ s and determined to do it in the next 3 months.

Chiropractor- Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dr. Lindsay Regehr

highest collections so far, my conversation rate for NPM has improved, and I was able to go on vacation and pay for mine and my husband’s plane tickets to Florida!

Chiropractor- Denver, Colorado

Dr. Sara Perry

New patients + Lots more google traffic! WE HAVE SYSTEMS THAT WORK IN THIS GROUP!

Chiropractor- Lakewood, Ohio

Dr. Sandra Buffkin

I had my largest paycheck to date!!

Chiropractor- Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Dr. Jasmine Thompson

I just asked for a referral and handed out my first RGP!! Broke through the terror barrier like a boss.

Chiropractor- Fayetteville, Arkansas

Dr. Erin Jacobs

Thanks to the Boot Camp, I’ve collected over the total collected amount for January 2018 in 5 working days of January 2019!

Chiropractor- Greenwood, Mississippi

Dr. Kelsey Sweet-Guttropf

Doubled April’s collections! I am still working through week 1 material but changing my mindset & realizing how many limiting beliefs I have with no foundation of truth has been huge!

Chiropractor- Garden City, Colorado

Dr. Amy Donovan

Best month ever once again!!! And this year right now (May) I am at where I was last year mid August!!

Chiropractor- Glenville, New York

Dr. Loni McClellan

(Been in the Boot Camp for 6 months.) The wins keep on comin’!!! When a PM “gets it”, he says to me: “Hey, Dr. Loni… what if I paid $300 toward any care plan for any of my employees who want to sign up for care with you? Do you think that would help get them to see the importance of chiropractic?” I’m smiling so big right now!!

Chiropractor- Nashville, Tennessee

Dr. Breanna Smith Powderly

I just hit a new record for weekly PV. Just in time for vacation 😎

Chiropractor- Harrisburg, PA

Dr. Thy Vu

Our office has seen twice as many new patients in the first week and a half in May compared to all of April!! I did 2 ROFs in one day last week and to my surprise both signed up with the largest plan presented!! More importantly, I was more confident than ever delivering the message as to why they need this. Today, my husband tells me that a NP referred her entire family! Because I am such a type A, I feel as if I have yet to fully implement 100% of anyone strategy. But the momentum has been AMAZING!! Thank you Bootcamp tribe for all the help and encouragement!

Chiropractor- San Diego, California

Dr. Carita De Jong

From Jan 2019 to Feb 2019 I doubled my regular visit numbers, did three times the amount of initial consults and am $200 shy of making triple January’s income. 😍

Chiropractor- Auckland, New Zealand

Dr. Christine Hoch

Dear Barbara Eaton: I knew that you were the right coach for me the day we “met” on-line. I’ve been enjoying the Bootcamp (in stealth mode) because I have been making some changes in my practice and procedures and training staff to boot. I try to offer help where I can to other boot campers, but also try to stay off FB (everyone knows it can completely such time). This morning I spent the entire morning listening to old week 1 material and the new additions to week 1. I’ve got pages of notes just from this morning. The amount of material you have for us makes my head spin – in a good way and I know that I will be repeating certain weeks over and over. I have a question and boom! You do a live video on it!!! Gosh, I’m just blabbering, and all I really wanted to say is THANK YOU! Thank you, thank you! I’ve never been great about “groups” and being part of a tribe is new to me and I have to say I love it and I love this TRIBE!

Dr. Paula Ruffin

Dr. Barbara is so inspiring!! I completely resonate with her no nonsense approach to growth. Unlike previous coaching programs I’ve been in, she is HAND’S ON and PASSIONATE about helping chiropractor’s become successful!! I just had no idea what action steps are necessary for growth and Dr. Barbara lays it ALL out STEP BY STEP…nuts and bolts!! Wow!! Action steps have become like a simple connect the dots drawing! But more than all of that she has created a FAMILY! I’ve felt alone in practice for many years and now I’ve found a HOME! A family of people who really care! Thank you Dr. Barbara for being our mama and creating this program!!

Chiropractor – New Hudson, Michigan

Dr. Rebecca Brouillette

I first reached out to Dr. Barbara Eaton when I was just about two weeks into starting my practice. I was excited to get started, but realized I didn’t know quite WHERE to start! Coaching with Dr. Barb has been a huge game-changer for me. On our very first call she coached me for an event that I was doing the next day, and I scheduled EIGHT new practice members!! My practice has continued to grow with her support, and my confidence has grown exponentially. There is no better investment you can make in your business or in yourself than coaching with Dr. Barb and the 56 Day Chiropractic Boot Camp!!

Chiropractor- Biddeford, Maine

Dr. Cynthia Seebacher

Dr. Barbara Eaton has become that little voice inside of my head that is always cheering me on, teaching me how to overcome my own obstacles and getting me in the right mindset for success. I have just completed my second year in practice and my Profit & Loss statement made my jaw drop with how much Fusion Chiropractic has grown since joining the 56DayChiropracticBootcamp. Thank you Dr. Barb for being the angel on my shoulder and the voice inside my head.

Chiropractor- Roswell, Georgia

Dr. Shauna McLain

Increased my PVA and PV! Dr. Barb is a gift to Chiropractic.

Chiropractor- Mansfield, Ohio

Dr. Kayla Abeid

I freaking did it!! I HIT MY BIG GOAL FOR NOVEMBER!!!! Already!!!! Opened my doors October 11, 2019. Brought in $1600 in October. I joined the bootcamp one month ago today. And **drumroll** As of today I have taken in $8000 before Thanksgiving. SAY WHAT!!! I never thought I would say this, but I LOVE being in the sale. THANK YOU Barbara Eaton I’m so grateful for the bootcamp.

Dr. Chelsea Rainey

Saw the most visits we’ve ever seen before! Did the most speaking events we’ve ever done before. Had more new patients than we’ve ever had before! Had the most fun that I’ve ever had before! ❤️

Chiropractor- Greenville, South Carolina

Dr. Jessi Janorschke

Highest collections yet, 100% conversion from consult to NPM, hired a second massage therapist, started a mini video series to grow our sport recovery side of the office, and am finishing pre-planning (and even started getting sponsors) for both a wellness challenge and corporate wellness challenge event. working on creating 2 different revenue streams as well.

Chiropractor- Ames, Iowa

Dr. Erica Barela

Week 21 Day 1 of the Boot Camp is freaking incredible! I’m so excited for this series. Thank you Dr. Barbara.

Chiropractor- Plymouth, Nebraska

Dr. Sam March-Howard

Today brought our busiest day in practice! I am so blessed by this tribe. You all keep motivating me to do better and have no excuses, no matter how good I make them sound.

Chiropractor- Dunwoody, Georgia

Dr. Veronica Delacruz

As my certainty and confidence has gone up, I’m attracting more people to my office. And a big part has been joining this group. Not feeling that I’m alone, but have a back up of great women DCs feels awesome !!!!

Chiropractor- Aurora, Illinois

Dr. Matthew Gilbertson

May was my highest NPM and PV ever, and I’m only 30 days into Bootcamp!!

Chiropractor- Moorhead, Minnesota

Dr. Cameron Beilke

Here’s just one win from being in the Boot Camp….a patient was being treated by a DC prior to our office. The patient would never commit to care, only showed up in pain for a few visits, then crickets for months. The patient returned to our office last Monday for the first time, we followed the boot camp and spoke the truth with little emotion from the patient. I was tempted to keep the status quo and make a short care plan that we knew the patient would say yes to. My inter-Barb yelled at me to speak the truth and tell the patient the care plan that they really needed. The patient signed up for care and pre-scheduled their visits!!!

Chiropractor- Nashville, Tennessee

Dr. Joline Martha Yeager

Last month I had to take a loan to pay my bills, this month we have exploded, I hired an associate doc and 3 CAs, I was able to pay the loan from Jan off in full, paid old debts, all of the bills, and I think we 6x the office! Looking to expand more! Holy crap! The best part, we get paid to change peoples lives! Whoop!!

Chiropractor- Lima, Peru

Dr. Tiffany Russell

I decided 3 weeks ago that I wanted to buy land for a future office (because of my projected growth). And 3 days after telling the universe of my new massive goal I found the perfect piece of land that I made an offer on and was accepted! 🤩

Chiropractor- Waynesboro, Pennsylvania

Dr. Andrea Mills Oliveau

I hit my PV goal for February and hit a new high!!

Chiropractor- Calabassas, California

Dr. Micaire Hawkins

Woohoo!!! GHC won Honolulu magazine best chiropractor for the 3rd consecutive year!!

Chiropractor- Honolulu, Hawaii

Dr. Caitlin Sullivan

Joining Dr. Barb’s Bootcamp has been the single best decision I have made for my practice to date! Her systems have truly streamlined how my practice runs. After our first phone call, I was SO excited! Dr. Barbara’s enthusiasm and confidence was so contagious and I knew instantly that I wanted to be part of her tribe. So I took the plunge and haven’t looked back! What a fantastic experience! From our private Facebook community to the Dropbox documents to the weekly live group calls with new content to her panel of experts and so much more, the Bootcamp is truly a sensational! Each month since joining the Bootcamp has yielded more revenue than the last, and business is booming!! Thank you, Dr. Barb, for all that you’ve done for our tribe and all you continue to do! I can’t thank you enough!

Chiropractor- Clearwater, Florida