You’re Everywhere and Nowhere: Finding Balance as a Chiro Mom

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If you’re like most mom bosses, you’re feeling stretched thin. There’s an all-too-familiar chaos directing your life that makes you feel like you’re everywhere and nowhere and it’s hard finding balance as a Chiro Mom.

You’re likely frustrated that you’re not able to simultaneously give 100% at home and at the office without self sacrificing and even with self sacrifice, it seems it’s never enough.

There’s always someone, or something, unhappy or undone. 

Guess what doll, the majority of us are only showing the polished story that we want the world to see. 

The truth is hidden for those moments in the shower where the hot water splashes down on our face, taking each tear with it. 


There, I said it

We’re not supposed to have all of the answers and life isn’t supposed to be perfect. 

I used to carry a lot of guilt about motherhood. 

There are circumstances that happened throughout my kid’s lives that literally took my breath away, not in a good way. I wanted the perfect childhood for my kids, like we all do. 

Guess what, didn’t happen. 

As a single mom with sole custody and ALL of the financial, spiritual, emotional, physical, responsibility for my children, I carried a heavy load. 

Maybe you can relate to this type of weight? 

Suffocating at times, right? 

There are plenty of times that I snapped at my kids.

As a result, tears welled up in their eyes because my words penetrated their innocent hearts served as gruesome reminders that I was alone and screwing up. 

This is your reminder… CUT YOUR SELF SOME SLACK. 

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Let’s figure out… 

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