How To Take Back Your Weekends!

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Are you aware that you can easily enjoy your entire life SO much. Use your time wisely and take back your weekends by doing LESS!?

Check this out…

I so often see people tell themselves that they will make up their work on the weekends. This is only available to them because they don’t plan fun and exciting activities, experiences, and/or connections for their weekends. 

NO WAY-your weekends have a responsibility.

It’s called recharge and re-energize the human. Get away. Try new and exciting things. Use the space for deep connection…lean into all the yummy-ness of being human.

If you don’t subscribe to this kind of living, you end up wasting time all week long because you have set aside the weekend to make up the difference from your week. Your life because a horizontal life; generic; vanilla; and all together blah. 

This quickly leads to burn out because when Monday rolls around, you never took a break; you never recharged; you just did the same thing that you did all week long. B-O-R-I-N-G!!!

When you commit to doing the things that you LOVE and observe your thoughts about time, you’ll find that you absolutely LOVE the life that you have consciously created. 

So, here’s what to do to take back your weekends:

  • 1. First, You gotta STOP telling yourself you don’t have TIME to do fun things whether that be family-bike rides, camping, exploring, crafting, etc or catching your favorite local concert or activity. You HAVE THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME THAT YOU HAVE EVER HAD AND WILL EVER HAVE. PUT FUN ON YOUR CALENDAR FIRST and enjoy what transforms in your life!
  • 2. Take responsibility for your minutes during the week and stay focused on that which yields the greatest results in the least amount of time. Do the BIG stuff first and you’ll likely discover you don’t even have to do all of the small, pittily things.
  • 3. When monkey says that you can just finish things up on the weekend, you tell monkey “No way, dude! I am unplugging this weekend and have endless fun planned so we gotta get it on NOW!”
  • 4. Keep me posted on your transformation. Seriously, I want to know! Post it on your social media wall (and tag me) to inspire others to make the same shifts that you are making in your life. Your commitment to making a difference and make an impact is how you secure your financial future. AND how, no matter what, you remain in flow of money. There’s $84 trillion on the planet. PRO TIP: Those who are living the life of YOUR dreams, fully indulge in their weekends.

Why not you?

And remember this, we all have the EXACT same operating system (knowing/Innate) and the same daily inventory to leverage that operating system-1440 minutes.

Finally, Lets end with this… Get after it! Your dream life is calling you. Step into it and fully live!!

I am cannot wait to hear your stories about the crazy amounts of joy, FUN, and love you are living in the coming months! Share them below or tag me on FB/ Instagram!

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