4 Things Practice Members Want

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Hey chiro pals! As a chiropractic coach I wanted tell you about 4 things practice members want. This quick tip may make a huge difference.

I know, I know… we LOVE to talk about chiropractic.

We love to talk about what we do as chiros but I wanted to suggest a different strategy.

Change it up.

Let your followers know the value for which they will be or are paying.

Let your practice members know how your chiropractic services benefit them.

Listen, I’m not saying you should exclude a call to action or that you shouldn’t sell yourself. Get this, and I mean REALLY get this, own it… “NOTHING happens in ANY business unless FIRST a sale is made.”

What I am saying is that you should LEAD with the benefit and the value of your offer.

  • Your PMs want to find you
  • Your PMs want to be seen and understood
  • Your PMS want you to make it about them
  • Your PMs want to know about the benefits before the offer

Give value & build relationships. As a result, your practice members will be referring your way!

NOW – are there HIGHLY effective ways to “sell” your services without being a salesperson? YES!  And I have endless proof to support the FACT that I can and do coach chiropractors from across the globe who are doing just that.  

The moment you feel you need to justify yourself or your recommendations, you are selling instead of extending opportunity.

It’s up to you to uncover what your PM values and then to reveal their paradigm about care.  After that, make your recommendations and give them the space and support to choose the health they want.

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