Recruit More Ideal NPMs

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When you have systems in place, you recruit more ideal new practice members…

If you follow me on social media you’ve heard me say that… in order for a system to work, it must be measurable, reproducible, innovative and it must eliminate discretion.

In the Boot Camp we use a system to recruit more ideal new practice members whereby you track referrals, it’s called the Referral Log.

Every action that you specifically do to attract new practice members is recorded so specific follow up actions can be taken and you can track what actually works to be able to do what works again and again.

Anything that you/your office does to attract ideal NPMs that gives a direct step to scheduling an appointment in your office goes on your referral log.

  • If you do a FBL but there is no call to action-doesn’t go on your referral log.
  • If you send an email, but it doesn’t have a specific call to action to refer or for somebody to come in, you don’t get credit for that.
  • If you run a FB ad with a call to action, great job that counts, enter it. Track the metrics and reuse the content that gets the greatest engagement.
  • If you’re doing networking, live or virtual, just because you’re meeting people doesn’t mean you get to put it on your referral log

Remember intention when meeting people…

  • Commit to ACTIVE listening this means NO interrupting
  • Make an impression
  • Be more interested than you are interesting
  • It’s not just about meeting people – it’s about scheduling checkups.
  • If you’re directing people to schedule a checkup, it goes on the referral log.

So tell me, do you have a similar system in your office? 

If you don’t, save this and do it… Let me know how it goes!