Thinking Creates Your Reality

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I just wanted to share a really interesting insight that I had in how thinking creates your reality. I have private coaching clients in Alaska for our Alaskan Mastermind and I’m super excited to challenge them on some trails as we enjoy Alaska.

Dr. Andrea and her family came town last night. I went and picked them up and they stayed at our house and then I took them to their Airbnb this morning.

It was interesting because I was thinking, “Oh man, that’d be so fun to be on vacation right now.” And then… I started thinking about it.

You know how sometimes we can think like, “Oh, other people are taking a vacation or other people don’t have much on their schedule,” and it’s really easy to fall into, “Oh, it must be nice. I wish I could…”

And I stopped myself and I’m like, “You can.” I CAN. Remember, thinking creates your reality!

It’s just I’ve made the choice right now on these three days, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday….. I’ve chosen to use my time to serve my community, to serve my colleagues, to serve all of you, to do something other than vacation.

 So anytime that feeling comes up of… “Oh, it must be nice.”

I just encourage you to stop and remind yourself, “I CAN DO THAT! I’ve just chosen to do something different right now.”

Here’s the thing, it’s really easy for our thinking to act as if we don’t have that option.

Michael Neill says:

“Thinking is our servant; not the master.”

Acting as if we don’t have that choice, which leads us to get up in our thinking and get frustrated or get bitter or angry, to think, “Oh, everyone else has it better.”

You know what? It’s just not true.

So be proud of the choices that you’ve made right now and recognize thinking does create our reality and that you always have choice.

So the life that you’re living right now, it is because of choices that you made.

If it’s not turning out the way you want it, it’s pretty simple, think differently, which then will cause your choices to be different.

Hope that helps. Don’t forget to get adjusted and ROCK your week!