7 Holiday and Referral Conversation Starters Every Chiropractor Needs

As a chiropractor, you know that building relationships with your patients is key to success. However, it can be tough to think of things to talk about during your appointments – especially when you’re busy serving. That’s why I’ve put together this list of conversation starters every chiropractor needs!

These 7 Holiday Referral and Conversation Starters will help you connect with your patients and get them interested in their own health during the busy season.

  1. What stressors do you suffer from during the holiday season?
  2. How does the increased stress over the holidays affect your health?
  3. What precautions will you be taking to ensure you’re at your healthiest this holiday season?
  4. Based on what you have learned here, what is the connection between stress, muscle tension and pain?
  5. After reading the list at the bottom of page one, what do you notice is missing for necessary action steps? 
  6. Does it surprise you that there is an increase in heart attacks over the holidays?
  7. Share the meric chart and make sure that the areas associated with heart disease are highlighted then your lead in, “Check out this chart and the highlights.  Studies report that there is an elevated risk of heart attacks over the holidays.  Based on this chart, who is the first person who comes to mind that complains of any of these related symptoms that may be at risk this holiday season.?

Ready for a bonus? Try these lead ins to avoid the old, “How are you?

1.  Are you excited about the upcoming holidays?

2.  What are you most excited about the upcoming holidays?

3.  What is your most favorite part about Thanksgiving?

4.  What is your most favorite thanksgiving dish?

5.  What is your most favorite thanksgiving memory?

6.  What additional deposits have you made in preparation for the upcoming holidays?

Feel free to share this list with a colleague!

If you ever need extra guidance, send me a message.


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