Hi, I’m Dr. Barbara Eaton

Hi, my name is Barbara, nice to meet you!


About me…the first thing to know is that I am very blessed and forever grateful for the life I’ve been given!  I thank God every single day for His endless blessings in my life including being raised in, literally, the “perfect” home and being the beneficiary of unconditional love, support, praise, and acceptance throughout my entire life.  I realize that I am in a very exclusive “club” because of my upbringing, which is why I LOVE showering others with love, support, praise, and acceptance.  I have been given so much that I want to share it with each and every person that God brings into my life.

Now, does that perfect childhood mean that life has always been rosey?  Well, not exactly…though the lows have taught me that what my Grandma Heath always said, “This too shall pass…” really is true.  If we’re willing to look around us, there is more than enough to be thankful for; it just depends if we want to gripe or if we consciously choose to be happy.

Life is what we make of the hand we’re dealt!My life’s journey took me from a small farming town in southeastern Michigan to being a proud Spartan at Michigan State University.  After graduation, I hit the road to enroll in chiropractic college-Logan College of Chiropractic.  My DC degree gave me the license to practice chiropractic in the town I was raised.  Practice was a TOTAL blast!!  Lots of hard work?  YES!  Endless rewards?  Definitely!

By God’s grace, I opened my practice and within 90 days was serving 180 office visits per week.  This momentum continued till I was consistently serving 400 per week with one office manager, one PT CA, and a PT insurance biller. Yep, I like to run a lean, well-trained and determined team.  As a result of showing that I had what it took to succeed in practice, I started coaching other chiropractors early on in my career, 1999 to be exact.  I have continued serving our profession as a leader and coach since that time.  What a rush to help other chiropractors see and own their genius and optimum potential!

I am MOST proud of my children, Samson (21) and Mycah (19)! They are both deeply entrenched in their lives, fully funding their own education and lifestyle. That’s right-they pay for all of their own expenses, including college. I am very, very passionate about raising Jesus-loving, healthy, independent, and self-sufficient kids who become productive adults. I am so honored to be their mom and could not be more proud of them!

Speaking of ideal life…we are proud Alaskans!!  We love all things about living in the Last Frontier.

We harvest almost 100% of our own meat. Talk about pure organic…

If you check out my photos and stories on Facebook, I’m guessing you’ll want to move here too.  It’s beyond your wildest imagination!

I share my life with my “man’s man” husband, Ben.  He has taught the kids and I pretty much everything we know about hunting, fishing, 4-wheeling, camping, “roughing it”, and so much more.  He enjoys a very successful career in the mining world here in Alaska.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

We are a hard-working, close knit family who loves God, our country, health, and living life to its fullest.

Thanks for reading.  I look forward to knowing YOU soon!

Shrimping on flat water in front of the glaciers…Life is GRAND!

I bring home the halibut AND fry it up in a pan! ; )

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