3 Joy Robbers

I’ve identified three JOY robbers. See which are true for you and most importantly, what is your plan to shift?

  1. Difficult people
  2. Challenging circumstances
  3. Taking people or circumstances too seriously

Difficult people: What are your boundaries to keep those who cause more stress than joy, out of your life? Are there relationships that will serve you best when severed or at least re-evaluated? Why DO you hold on to that relationship? Who says you have to? What reward are you receiving staying engaged with that person? Rest assured, if you weren’t receiving something from the relationship, you would have ended it long ago. Even if it’s a negative reward, there is something you’re receiving which is why you remain connected. Figure it out or ask for help!

Challenging circumstances: Okay, the truth…we create our reality so, how did you get where you are? What is one step you will take to shift? Is it possible that the circumstance that you’re in is just for a season and yet you’re acting as if it’s for forever? Please, leave the drama for Hollywood…they’ve definitely cornered the market on that. From my coach, “People continue to do what they do because they have nothing more compelling to do.” Perhaps you keep repeating your circumstances because you haven’t hired me as your coach to help you see BEYOND your blind-spots. We cannot coach ourselves out of our own blind-spots and yes, you will continue to be faced with them. Your choice…maybe it’s time to explore a MUCH bigger vision!!!!!!

Taking people and circumstances too seriously: It is…what it is. Recall times in your past when you’ve gotten yourself all worked up over people or circumstances only to look back, laugh, and marvel that you made such a big deal about that person/people or the circumstances and for what? Yes, there are times that life throws us curve balls and it’s at those times that you widen your stance, grit your teeth and SMACK it out of the park, baby!! If you’re going to be expending a ton of energy anyway, why not make it count for a grand slam? When the “game” is on the line, the true champions take charge and make BIG results happen!!

Please, make the habit of arguing and rallying from a position of strength instead of defeat and excuses. I have lived by a saying that you’re welcome to adopt as well:

“If one other schmuck on the planet can do it, I can too!!!”

Try it on for size and let me know what you think. Deal? I’d love some feedback… which are true for you and most importantly, what is your plan to shift?

If you’re ready to reach out… I reach back! We’ll jump on quick call. No strings attached.


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