The Cost of Success: What Are You Willing to Sacrifice for Your Practice?

I recently came across this phenomenal article about the cost of success if we’re not diligent about our greatest victory… our home life! Now, if you follow me on social media, it’s no surprise to you that my hottie husband Ben and I spend tons of time enjoying the last frontier – Alaska. When we’re […]

Communicate In A Neurologically Friendly Way

Since you’re a chiropractor, just like me, or a DC2B, then I know you’ll love these cool neurological fun facts especially because they’re tied to communicating and learning.  As chiropractors, we make sure that the nerves communicate optimally to one another. Brain-centric Design is entrenched in helping us communicate to the nerves. The truth is […]

How To Build Your Referral Network

As an entrepreneur it can be a struggle to find the time and sometimes the confidence to reach out to your community providers one by one.

Improve These 3 Things To Grow Your Business

I want share how improving these three things that will help you grow your business in record time. Just like in well being above, down, inside out, all three of these have to be aligned. Mindset Time & Money Communication We all know there are so many things that can knock us off track… that’s […]

The Comparison Game

Front desk of chiropractic office

If you’re like me and other successful chiropractic colleagues, you’re always looking for ways to improve your practice. You may spend hours studying new techniques, coming up with new marketing strategies, brainstorming ways to attract more patients. Only to end up scrolling though social media and falling into the comparison game. Let me ask you this… […]

Leading From The Inside Out

As chiropractors and entrepreneurs, it’s no secret that we’re always leading from the inside out in some way. Whether we’re leading our children, community, leading friends, or other chiro colleagues, and there’s truly something beautiful to be said about leading from the inside out. Now, just because you own a business or have people working […]

Has inflation impacted your chiropractic practice yet?

What does it look like to view if inflation has impacted your chiropractic practice through the other side?  If inflation impacted your practice, what would that look like?  Inflation typically forces people to cinch up their purse strings. They become more selective with their cash flow. People become more nervous about the future and how […]

How To Keep Your Team On Track

Chiropractic Women being silly. Dr Barbara Eaton's Coaching Clients at the Peds Boot Camp at Sherman College. Blog Banner Cover.

I’m often asked by my chiro collages about the best strategies in keeping a team on track…. Now if you or your team is like me, we may share this common toxic trait – as soon as the weather is nice I want to throw my responsibilities out the window for a day or two […]

Super Simple Time Management Strategy

We’ve all tried the journals, the To Do lists, and Post it notes… you name it. I have yet to meet a person who tells me, “I just wish I had less time to get everything done.” Kinda comical, right?