56 Reasons (Part 2)

26. You will have access to the Boot Camp map which gives you the power to refer any friends or family member to a reputable chiropractor no matter where they are in the country. ( We have Boot Campers in almost every state.)

27. You will have training on how to handle objections from future or current practice members, so that you can have what it takes to stay in the sale.

28. You will have sales training and personal help with sales.

29. You will have training on your taxes and all of the loopholes from a tax expert.

30. You will learn from Todd Calamita, who is a certified financial planner, on how to budget to maximize your wealth.

31. You will have training on how to establish compliant financial plans that benefit your practice member and you.

32. You will have training on the ins and outs of insurance, including Medicare of course. 

33. You will have access to Dr. Matthew Norton and his training that will maximize your influence both inside and outside of the office.

34. You will have training and encouragement on how to become more comfortable with speaking in front of people and having an audience.

35. You will have detailed training on HIPPA.

36. You will have training from Janice Hughes, who is a speaker, writer, and teacher, on the business strategy. She will teach you about the habits that lead to sustainable wealth.

37. You will have training on how to better serve practice members who have special needs.

38. You will have access to a variety of information on diet, exercise, and supplements.

39. You will learn how to best promote your business in order to gain the kind of influences and practice members that you want.

40. You will learn how to systemize everything that you do so that you can have calculated results.

41. You will learn how to create care plans that will benefit your practice members, as well as provide you with the compensation that your services should be valued at (which is higher than you think).

42. You will have access to a CONSTANT source of new information to learn through Dr. Barbara’s consistent tripling of value in her business. 

43. You will have training on exam procedures and how those should go.

44. You will learn at least 12 uses of testimonials for your practice.

45. We will give you the responsibilities that you CA’s role should entail.

46. We will give you daily goals to work toward that will GROW your business.

47. We will give you weekly goals to better your business.

48. We will teach you (and show you) how to DREAM and how to put those dreams into actions, so that your dreams become reality.

49. We will give you a renewed sense of purpose in what it is you are doing as a chiropractor.

50. We will teach you the VALUE of chiropractic care so that you never have to doubt what you are worth as a chiropractor.

51. We will teach you how to teach others about the value of chiropractic care.

52. We will teach you how to educate your practice members on various topics and how to pass on to them THE VALUE of chiropractic. 

53. We will layout your goals so that you know exactly what you need to do to get to where you want to be short term, and long term.

54. We will give you constant SUPPORT.

55. We will give you constant MOTIVATION.


We are not taking Boot Campers right now UNLESS you come to our events, then YOU CAN register there!



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