A Raw Look at Postpartum Life…

I recently saw this ad on the Washington Post and thought.. WOW!!

I never knew anything about the net granny panties with mom diaper that I was going to have to wear after giving birth!

The “diaper shuffle”, hoping you don’t make a mess that needs to be cleaned up, adding to your mounting work load…it’s real.

The post partum belly that sticks around….ugh!!!

I love this commercial!! ABC and The Oscars-you have definitively shown every woman what matters to you….the charade/facade. That’s NOT real life!!!

Real life is messy.

Motherhood is exhausting.

If you get a moment alone on the commode, there’s a high probability that you could fall asleep.

Real life-that’s what we relate to!!!

We, the real people, we’re in this game called life and we’re in it to WIN it….together!!!!

Actress Busy Philipps was among critics of the ad’s rejection, writing on Instagram that she was “sick of living in a society where the act of simply BEING A WOMAN is rejected by the gatekeepers of media.

This is so true!!! If after reading you ‘re like me and believe it’s a message that needs to be heard, take 2 seconds and share it!

It’s a way to wrap your arms around a mama who may be struggling today and just needs to be reminded that she is seen and that she matters. The struggle-it’s real!

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You can watch the add and read the Washington Post article here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2020/02/10/oscars-rejected-postpartum-ad/


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