Everything You Need to Know About Referrals

So here’s the deal with referrals. 

Success is our duty, our responsibility, and our obligation. 

If you believe that, then you are on the hook to ask for referrals and to have your team ask for referrals. If you love your community, which I believe that all of you do, or you wouldn’t be a chiropractor, then remember that asking for referrals is an act of love and service!

Let me explain why I say that, and why I’m committed to that. 

If I want to enable others to live to their OPTIMUM POTENTIAL and if I truly care about my practice members, and their ability to enjoy life, then I also want to help them insulate themselves with healthy, happy, optimistic people. 

Why? Because Quantum Physics says that we all vibrate at a certain vibrational frequency, and this vibrational frequency actually impacts our ability to heal. 

Supposedly, people like Mother Theresa, who vibrated at a higher frequency, could actually cause people to begin healing just by having them in close proximity to her. 

So, because I love my practice members, I want them to surround themselves with healthy, optimistic people, who are vibrating at a higher frequency and promoting their healing rather than Debbie Downers who cause them to constantly have to donate their healing energy.

SO, when you think of referrals from a more clinical aspect, through quantum physics, then why wouldn’t we ask for referrals? 

If we want to provide VALUE to others through our service, so that ALL of our practice members are able to live to their OPTIMUM POTENTIAL, then we have to be committed to getting regular referrals.

Always keep it in that context! 


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