Feeling Overwhelmed By Social Media?

Are you wasting time thinking about what to post on social media?

I thought I’d share a little about a mindset first and how that got me through a tough time…

I remember when my kids were little and I found myself going door to door to promote my new Chiropractic business in a tiny town where Chiropractic care was not yet highly valued…

For me, there was this mentality that kicked in, almost a survival sort of mechanism that kept me telling myself:

You WILL Do this, because you HAVE to do this

And for me… that’s not grave. My story isn’t a sad story, and it’s DEFINITELY not one of self-pity.

It’s a story of OVERCOMING because there was simply no other choice.

There’s something that happens when we don’t give ourselves an “OUT.” I believe this is because when we deicide that NOTHING can stop us, then NOTHING will.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed and constantly asking yourself, “What should I post?” I’ve got a few FREE social media images about the Immune System, giving YOU the boost you need.

Download them here.

If you ask me yes, posting on Social Media IS something you HAVE to do. It’s basically FREE Marketing for your practice!

Here are 2 easy steps to implement TODAY!

  1. Schedule these in advance through Facebook Creator Studio.

2. Set aside time to engage with your audience and reply to comments.

Bonus: Invite your audience to LIKE you page!

Take ACTION now, as a result you will grow your audience and confidence!

You WILL overcome this!

LIKE my page on Facebook. If it helps, feel free to share/steal anything I post. We’re in it to WIN it… TOGETHER!


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