Handcuffs and Arrests

I sure feel LUCKY in life and I don’t even believe in LUCK. It’s like Grant Cardone says, “The harder I work…the luckier I get.” How true that is. Working hard and smart yields AMAZING results! Agree?
Our chiropractic forefathers and foremothers were such amazing, determined renegades!! I love their tenacity and driven purpose to ensure that people in their communities had the opportunity to receive chiropractic care. Doc, in order for us to DOMINATE healthcare, we MUST be renegades in our communities. There has never been a better time than RIGHT NOW to DOMINATE your community!!
Your community is literally DYING for your hands and your heart. Will you reach out to them…even when it’s hard? Even when you have haters? Even when it feels like things aren’t going your way?
Life is what we make of it.
Success is not a natural resource that gets used up and is in limited quantities. There is an endless supply of success because it’s based on what WE CREATE in our lives every single day. Ooooohhhh-just makes me so excited!!!
 invite you to join in on this exciting interview that I did with Chiropractic Legend and veteran, Dr TIm Schaub. As you’ll hear, Dr Scahub’s parents started their chiropractic journeys in the 1930s when DCs were being arrested and thrown in jail. We have so much to be thankful for!
Listen in to hear what Dr Tim says about the “Mercedes 80s” and so much more!!
Make it an amazing weekend!!
To be a part of our tribe: APPLY NOW.


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