Is Your Spouse or Team Not Onboard the Success Train?

Oh my-that is such a difficult predicament and if you’re 
not careful the situation will completely extinguish your 
roaring fire!!

I get it!!

You’re all fired up and ready to dig in, drive hard, and 
radically grow your practice! You can taste that sweet 
flavor of success…it’s right on the tip of your tongue. 


Your dreams seem so real that you find yourself reach-
ing out to touch them. You just KNOW you can do it!

And then…

“Why can’t you just be happy? You make plenty of 
money and have a great practice?”


“You know, there’s more to life than just working 

You tuck your tail between your legs and walk back
to your position of good all the while knowing that
GREAT is your destiny!!

Doc, it is my mission to transform chiropractic lives,
starting with yours! I believe in you! I have no doubt
you can accomplish those vivid dreams!

I also know what it’s like to pull around “dead weight.”

That’s exactly why I asked best-selling author, popular
public speaker, and entrepreneurial heavy-weight, 
Mike Michalowicz do join me to bring you The VIP
Mastermind with Mike Michalowicz at Life University,
October 26th, 2019.

From 6-8PM Mike will take a deep-dive into the precise
steps we must take to radically transform our practices
and our lives not with theory, but rather with real-live
chiropractic practices!!! And YOURS could be one of them!

Grabbing a seat at this intense and intimate event will 
invigorate and excite your “Debbie Downer” and help
them see what you’ve been seeing all along! Doc, 
your special someone will FINALLY get on the same
page with you!!

I’m pumped for you just writing this!! Being in the 
harness and pulling together is SO powerful and,
honestly, mandatory if you’re going to own an extra-
ordinary practice!!

Grab both of your tickets NOW and get ready to 
FINALLY put an end to feeling alone and stifled on 
your success journey!

I am so confident that this is the perfection solution
for you that I have a satisfaction guarante.e. 

Yup, at the end, if you’re not satisfied with your 
investment, walk up to me and tell me. I will write
you a check on the spot!

As I regularly tell my boot campers…”I’ve gotch
you. Just grab my hand!” In this case, grab your
tickets! ; )

I can’t wait to hear your story about a complete
transformation in your life because you and your 
spouse/partner/team member are FINALLY on the
same page!

See ya October 26th!!


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