Leading From The Inside Out

As chiropractors and entrepreneurs, it’s no secret that we’re always leading from the inside out in some way.

Whether we’re leading our children, community, leading friends, or other chiro colleagues, and there’s truly something beautiful to be said about leading from the inside out.

Now, just because you own a business or have people working for you, that does not mean you’re a leader.

Oftentimes, you know…

Ideally, we join the Boot Camp while we’re in school. We graduate from Chiropractic school. We open our doors, then we open our doors, and we get busy… because we’re doing Boot camp concepts.

Then time comes, we’re ready to grow our team and then suddenly, we think that means, “I’m a leader!”

Sorry but that’s not true. You’re not necessarily a leader. You’re an employer. An employer and leader do not mean the same thing.

BUT there’s hope, even if you don’t know how to be a leader now, you CAN learn how to be an effective leader.

Now I know you may not have a team right now. But it’s important to remember that because we’re always leading, the Inside Out Model is key.

Leading From The Inside Out Model:

➡️ Number one: Holistic leaders recognize that for vitalism to flow through their practice, we must be aware of the distribution of tasks and power within their practice.

➡️ Number Two: Holistic leaders refuse to live in the world of make believe — telling themselves that they’re a good leader, when really, they’re not. We’re willing to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, even if that means admitting that they have no idea how to be an effective leader.

➡️ Number Three: Holistic leaders grasp that there’s a large chasm between holistic leadership and draconian style leadership. We amplify the unique traits and talents of their team instead of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

➡️ Number Four: Holistic leaders fully trust in their team and the processes that their team is carrying out.


The power of the environment in your practice is real.

And this is something that was discussed earlier this week during our Boot Camp Live Group Mastermind. Boot Campers Drs Anthony and Kay Abeid joined the Boot Camp in 2019, they shared a few insights with us as we discussed their journey from growing their practice as a solo doc to a team of four.

All of the details of what they were looking for and what they were able to present – all of that was on the table so that everyone involved was able to make their own decisions. As long as it felt aligned for all parties, they could move forward. These docs and their team were trusting that if something wasn’t aligned for it with it, then it would wouldn’t happen.

Their biggest challenges as a team when bringing on new docs was learning how to interact with everyone and ensuring the team as a whole was also leveling up.

Did you notice? Their biggest challenge wasn’t, “How are we going to pay our associates?”

Want to know why? They had ALL of the money they needed saved to to pay their associates for their first 6.

These Boot Campers didn’t necessarily know the entire process but they trusted in in the systems and trusted their journey, the plan, the boot camp, their coach (me), and everything just fell into place for them.

Commit, and then trust the process.

From the very start, these docs committed, money started flowing, and then they started setting it aside. They weren’t jumping into this bigger space, or adding more people too early on and then accumulating debt and overhead that they can’t service.

As you continue your journey, remember…success isn’t a destination, it’s not a thing. It’s really and truly a feeling?

So ask yourself and your team if it applies:

What is the feeling of success that you each want to have?

Remember if you ever need extra guidance, reach out!


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