Break Up With Guilt

After 25 plus years of motherhood I have worked through many stages, flavors and seasons of mom guilt. The guilt and shame that..

I’m not doing it right; that I’m not doing enough... that I’m not savoring every moment with my beloved offspring…and everything in between.

Like you, I have always known that there were plenty of people I could reach out to for support and yet, most times I retreated from doing so because it felt like asking confirmed my worst thoughts…

I am an adequate mother.” 

Sadly, society is relentless in their pursuit to make us feel broken, needing fixing and that at any moment we’re going to screw up our kids for life, it’s no wonder we suffer in silence. 

We see and hear conflicting messages…”make sure you are committed to self-care or you are a bad mom/dad” balanced by “don’t be a selfish mom/dad…your kids will only be young once so don’t miss a single minute or else you’re a bad parent and you will ruin them; they’ll have low self esteem and everyone will make fun of them…” 

Oh boy! The chaos that rips through our thinking, holding us hostage and making us miserable.

What if I told you that it doesn’t have to be that way?

What if I was able to definitively show you HOW to play your OWN parenthood game and feel GREAT about it WHILE creating the practice of your dreams!?

I did it and you can too!

I want to encourage you… BREAK UP with that guilt FOREVER and build a business that perfectly funds YOUR ideal lifestyle. 

You absolutely CAN be an INCREDIBLE parent and a KICK ASS business owner! It’s not either or. Choose AND-you can do both. 

Let’s normalize asking for help; filling our own cups to overflowing while abundantly enjoying our human experience as powerful women and men, not just as parents. 

If you know of someone who’s going through that guilt… share this with them. Let’s encourage each other to BREAKUP with that guilt and normalize asking for help.

Ready to get out of your own way… Tune in to this quick video.



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