Obscurity is our greatest subluxation!

Obscurity…that is our greatest subluxation! Do you agree?

Even those who have been active in their communities for decades still suffer from obscurity because society has very short attention spans. In addition to the short attention spans they’re bombarded with endless messages of negativity whether it’s the 24 hour news streams that download doom and gloom in one’s mind or big pharma that has tricked people into believing that better living (not even HEALTH) exists at the bottom of a pill, potion, or lotion.

So, it IS our job to saturate our existing PMs, absent PMs, and potential NPMs with OUR message of health, life, happiness, abundance, and acceptance!!

Commit to going OVER board with your promise and your delivery; with your communication and your connection; with your concern and love…OVER DO IT ALWAYS!


Never play “tag” with your success. That’s right don’t play “tag” with your success. When you go, go hard and be ALL IN, taking MASSIVE action!!

When you meet someone new, be committed to reaching out to them in creative ways 52X within a year.

With your inactive PMs, be committed to reaching out to them in creative ways 52X within a year.

Within your office, make lasting impacts in their lives every single time they’re in your office. Don’t waste a single minute with them when they’re in front of you. Share testimonials. Teach them one thing about chiropractic. Ask them engaging questions about their lives. Engage in MASSIVE ways…you can do it!

I have made it SO easy to follow my lead to engage with your PMs concerning White Board Topics. The video I did on White Board Topics yesterday even lead into a referral. And I did all of it in 4:06. I am confident that you can do it too.

I am posting a White Board Topic video every day, M-F. Simply make it habit to watch a video when you get to the office each day, post that WBT on your board and then take action. SIMPLE!

So the only missing piece…your action! So, doc, I gotta ask you-will you take MASSIVE action to adjust the subluxation of obscurity and transform your community and your life?


Here are two great videos to help you be ALL-IN and demonstrate that you are obsessed with changing the lives of those in your community!

WBT-Thermostat V. Thermometer



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If you’re reading this on your smart phone, you’ll have to have “Load Remote Images” clicked to ON under the Settings>Mail section to see these great success stories. ; )

Doc, joining ALL-IN, MASSIVE ACTION, OBSESSED chiropractors will catapult YOU to join us in radically changing our world…join us TODAY in The 56-Day Chiropractic Boot Camp to DOUBLE Your Business!

This is the ULTIMATE adjustment to correct the subluxation of Obscurity!!

I can’t wait to journey forward with you,
Dr Barbara Eaton


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