One of My Secrets…

As a female, and as a Chiropractor, I found it absolutely necessary to define things in my own way.

By that I mean, my success or my failures were only successes or failures if I CHOSE to see them that way, because I was the one setting the standard.

For example, one of the standards I set for myself early on, was that I wanted to build others up. I didn’t want to be someone who tore others down, because what did that accomplish?

But I also knew, that at the end of the day, it was up to me to be successful, no matter what it took.

So here’s a little secret…

It’s something that came naturally to me, but I have since realized may not come natural for everyone else…

It is something that made A HUGE difference in how I ran my business and how successful I became.

Are you ready?


I engaged the community that I already had around me in a way that was natural to me, but still stepping outside of my comfort zone.

You’ve probably heard me say it before,


Family, friends, neighbors, ect, if health came up- I was ready to provide a solution from everything that I had learned.
I didn’t see it as “being pushy” because I genuinely wanted to help them and I believed that I had the solution to at least some of the problems they were experiencing.

I KNEW I could help them, and that all I had to do was to get them to believe that and to take action.

I didn’t do it by being rude or coming off desperate-but by presenting what I had to offer and leaving the solution to their problems as clear as ever, right before their eyes.

If you have no idea how to do this,
that’s what I’m here for girl!

I have dedicated over two decades to helping docs just like you, and I am confident that I have POWERFUL and VALUABLE content that will change the way you operate in business and in LIFE.
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