The Comparison Game

If you’re like me and other successful chiropractic colleagues, you’re always looking for ways to improve your practice. You may spend hours studying new techniques, coming up with new marketing strategies, brainstorming ways to attract more patients. Only to end up scrolling though social media and falling into the comparison game.

Let me ask you this…

Are you unwittingly sabotaging your own success by constantly comparing yourself to others in your personal life and in practice? 

I get it, it’s easy to get caught up in the comparison game. Then before we know it, we’ve lost sight of our own goals and dreams. 

As chiropractors, we know that comparing ourselves to others is not only unproductive but can also be harmful to our health. 

I have one tip to help guide you in the right direction to finally break free from this destructive habit.

Compare yourself to someone who holds the same VALUES as you do.

Listen in, if your values are different than the person you’re comparing yourself to OF COURSE your actions, results, and your lifestyle will be different.

For example…if they value the trappings of modern day success, and you value quality time with your family exploring and enjoying your hobbies, it’s highly likely that your businesses will appear different.

It’s likely that the action you take in your practice will likely not match.

And it’s also likely the size of your practice may vary significantly too.

They may value “stuff” you value “substance.”

One is not right and the other is wrong. Rather, it’s just  a difference of values.

Next time you find yourself falling into the comparison game, give this a try. And remember, it’s so much better for us all when we just focus on being our best selves.

Curious to know if our values align for coaching? Let’s chat.


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