Why Gratitud​​e

By: Dr. Barbara Eaton

I am sure that you know by now, I am HUGE on gratitude!

So, I want to share with you a few reasons WHY you should share in the discipline of being grateful.

Most of us were taught as kids to say please and thank you, how to write thank you notes, and how to be polite around guests or anyone older than us. But as adults, we sometimes neglect this principle, because we are either too stressed, too busy, or because we harbor a negative outlook on life.

But here’s why we should bring back the grateful attitudes:

For one, gratitude actually makes us happier. Studies have shown that the more we practice having gratitude, the happier we become. In this case, correlation DOES equal causation!

Over time, this also means that gratitude actually affects our memories. We tend to have a more positive outlook forward and backward; we believe our past is full of great things, and so is our future. You can imagine the tremendous impact this has on our well-being and our confidence!

Along with the great memories, gratitude actually causes our brain to train itself to think more positive thoughts and be a more optimistic person. For some of us, this is an easy thing. For others of us, it is an uphill battle. Regardless, we have the OBLIGATION to have a good attitude about life!

This good attitude about life actually has proven health benefits, such as improving our physiological functioning! Though gratitude may not be the cookie-cutter cure, it is DEFINITELY a remedy of its’ own accord!

These are just SOME of the reasons why practicing gratitude is SO important and why I want my Tribe to be known for expressing gratitude in ALL areas of life!

Let’s be happier, more positive, healthier, individuals who JUST KEEP WINNING!



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