Real answers about LLC, S Corp and C Corp. Plus hiring strategies!

I trust you’re having a great week!

I love helping chiropractors solve problems and provide them with expert answers instead of the free advice that finds its way to many social media pages on the web.

I am forever amazed at the untruths or half truths that are accepted as gospel despite being flat out wrong. It makes me uneasy when I see my chiro pals following advice on crucial matters from unqualified people.

I have been frequently asked if an LLC, Sole Prop, S-Corp, etc is best for the chiropractic practice. My advice…ask your economic independence team. Guess what I realized, most chiropractors don’t have a team of financial experts: CPA, tax attorney, and financial planner guiding them through the confusing maze of protecting and massively growing your wealth. Because they don’t have this team, they rely on other colleagues to direct them in this very crucial structuring of their business. YIKES!

I made the decision to stop standing on the sidelines, watching this mayhem and chose to ask the smartest money guy I know, Garrett Gunderson if he would join me for a Facebook Live interview to answer these pressing questions.

In true Garrett Gunderson form, he WAY over-delivered and in rapid-fire fashion. This guy is SUCH a genius!!

When you stay tuned in til the end you’re going to learn:

  •  How to know which business structure is best for you
  •  How to choose the right business structure to save you thousands of money on your taxes…HELL-O vacation!

In the final 10 minutes of this 30-minute power-packed interview, Garrett reveals the one area in your business where you can legitimately see triple-digit returns when you understand a few key things!

I know you’re really gonna dig this one. It’s only 30-minutes, but I’m tellin’ ya, hold on to your hat because Garrett goes hard and fast. BOOM!

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