HIRE for Personality, Train for Skills!!

Concerning team members…HIRE for personality, train for skills!!

Which personality traits?

Consider who in your life you have been the most productive with? Who brings out the BEST in you and helps you be at the very top of your game?

Who is that person?

What personality traits do they/did they posses such that they were a catalyst for you being YOUR best?

Yes, it is common for individuals to leave…eventually. However, we must take personal responsibility and embrace, “I never lose. I either win or I grow.” when situations keep repeating themselves.

My team will attest to this…I expect a LOT out of each of them and give them a lot of freedom to accomplish goals. I expect them to get the tasks done, fast, with little guidance from me. And I DEFINITELY will not babysit, not even for a minute.

I know that I have to work with individuals who are “rejection proof”. A human being will not experience rejection if they are willing to take personal responsibility for the outcome/consequences of their decisions/actions. When I line out my team with a task, if they don’t know how to do it to my standard, I expect them to ask; otherwise, they know I expect it done a certain way. If they don’t ask, they’re personally responsible for the outcome because I will always stop and answer their questions, give guidance, etc; however, I will not do the work for them. If I do, then one of us isn’t necessary and yep, pretty sure, I am extremely necessary.

So, listen, a strong team starts with YOU knowing the personality traits that are MUSTS to bring out YOUR best. Find that person and train them for the rest. 🙌

Be the boss, not the friend. They have more than enough friends. That does not mean we can’t be friendly and even social with our team. It does, however, mean that you must be the boss and leader when it comes to your team!

HINT: DO NOT HIRE PROJECTS!! Meaning, do not hire someone because you’re going to “fix” them; give them a break; etc. You hire that rock star person who will consistently free you up to serve at higher levels. If you’re thinking/worrying about a team member outside of business hours, you have the wrong person. Team members should not cause you stress, just like you should not cause them stress. Hire slow. Fire fast. Always learn and you will never lose.

Check out this video if you resist expanding your team because of your past experience!

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