13 Questions Every Female Chiropractor Should Ask Themselves About Their TRIBE

Does THEIR VIBE Attract You?

Here are 13 questions you need to ask yourself about your TRIBE

When you get communications from them, do you cringe or feel a little anxious (without noticing!) before diving in?

Are they a giver or a taker?

Are you a giver or a taker?

How do they make you feel about yourself?

How do you feel after you are around them – Drained or energized?

What would be one word you might use to describe your tribe?

How do you feel around this tribe?

What activities for GROWTH are you doing together?

What qualities do they possess that you are grateful for?

Does your TRIBE make you feel supported and seen?

Do they inspire you? How so?

Does your TRIBE challenge you to be a better and more self-loving version of you?

What does this TRIBE mirror to you?

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