Best Chiropractic Program? REALLY?

The 56DayChiroBootcamp WON BIG in Vegas

June 23 – 2018 – Las Vegas – ChiroSushi Summit

A few hours after we CRUSHED our ChiroSushi Summit presentation, we were honored to be awarded “The Best Chiropractic Program for 2018” as voted by over 3,000 of our peers and colleagues.

With so many great options and other nominees it makes the victory even more special.

But that wasn’t even our favorite part of the night.

Because two of our Bootcampers also won some big awards!

Dr. Jessi Janorschke – Rising Star


Dr. Amanda Apfelblat – Best Chiropractor

These two awesome Bootcampers winning was even more important to us because it shows what is possible when you become a Bootcamper!

Ready to see if the Bootcamp and you are great fit? Apply for our TRIBE HERE


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