The Largest Barrier to Growth for Chiropractors

Guest Post by Bootcamper Dr. ShaRhae Angela Matousek  Fear. It is a word that brings up so many emotions. It is a topic that is the focus of countless podcasts, books, and articles. Yet it is the largest barrier to growth in most professionals. Within all of us is the capacity to fulfill our calling […]

Dr. Barb’s: 10 Min Life Hack That Could Save Your Practice

When Life Gets You Down Whether it’s personally or professionally, one thing that I highly recommend that you do is to schedule out your day so that you feel like you are in control of the outcome.   So often when life throws us curve balls, when people do things that hurt us or people do things […]

How It Works

Wanting vs. Action Guest post by Dr. Joanne Siebert, D.C. My kids are older now, but when they were little, I would have them write out their Christmas lists so I would have ideas to give to family members. You could say this was a list of “wants” that, for the most part, would be miraculously fulfilled […]

Chiropractors and Comfort Zone?

Guest Post by Bootcamper Heather Freedlund D.C. As you scroll through Facebook or Instagram,  you see images daily with the words “comfort zone.” Most of them telling you to get out!  As a chiropractor, you probably have read lots of books, listened to endless podcasts, and attended countless seminars on success  and “getting out of your […]