Chiropractors and Comfort Zone?

Guest Post by Bootcamper Heather Freedlund D.C.

As you scroll through Facebook or Instagram,  you see images daily with the words “comfort zone.” Most of them telling you to get out!  As a chiropractor, you probably have read lots of books, listened to endless podcasts, and attended countless seminars on success  and “getting out of your comfort zones.” So why are you still stuck? What is holding you back for truly breaking out?

Every year off the coastline of Oregon fishermen go crabbing for Dungeness crabs. These are large crabs with intimidating front claws. As the fishermen haul in their catch, they measure them and keep the ones that are legal. This is where it gets interesting. As long as they have more than one crab, they can be kept in a very shallow box, barely 5 inches tall with no top. Why don’t the crabs just climb out to freedom? If one crab attempts to escape from the box, the other crabs will pull it back down rather than allowing it to escape to freedom. Sometimes the crabs are calculating, waiting until the escaping crab is almost to the water before yanking it back into the box.

How many times have you started your day saying “Today is the day! I’m starting my new life!” As you leave your house and go into the world with your head held high, the “crabs” start to circle. They sense you are about to escape the box. You smell the freedom of the sea and start to tell them you are going. You tell them to come with you. Then they remind you who you “really” are and how many times you have tried to get out of the box before. All your past failures flood back and by the end of the day you feel defeated again.

So today is the day! First, you must recognize who the “crabs” are in your life and either distance yourself or if they are important to you (parents, spouse, kids) limit how much you share with them. It is time to find yourself a tribe of people who are supportive and encouraging. Even better you need to find a group of people who are exceeding your goals and dreams and who will push you out of the box.

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