Dr. Barb’s: 10 Min Life Hack That Could Save Your Practice

When Life Gets You Down

Whether it’s personally or professionally, one thing that I highly recommend that you do is to schedule out your day so that you feel like you are in control of the outcome.
So often when life throws us curve balls, when people do things that hurt us or people do things that we don’t like, we sit back and we feel like we’re just a victim and we’re just like taking it from every angle.
If you haven’t had that experience yet, just wait.
It will come.
Because we all have a story.

When that happens, I find it’s really really helpful to own your time more than ever.

So, that means schedule every ten minutes out of your day so every ten minutes you have something very specific such as
  • you’re serving a practice member
  • you’re making a phone call
  • you’re sending a text
  • you’re doing a Facebook Live
  • you’re going for a hike, you’re going to the gym
  • you’re loving on your spouse
  • you’re loving on your kids.
But schedule out every ten minutes and you’ll feel like you’re more in control than ever!
Which then changes our feelings.
And our emotions.
So, remember that if there’s something that you’ve been meaning to do and you’re just not doing it you’re losing a battle with your emotions.
Remember we have our dreams, our goals, and our desires.
And there are specific actions we have to take in order to make those dream, and goals, and desires true.
And then, there’s a whole set of, you can’t see my hands over here but, there’s a whole set of emotions that go with those dreams, goals, and desires.
Taking action and then the emotions that we have from fulfilling those actions that align with our dreams, our goals, and desires, but what typically happens is over here we have a whole different set of emotions like:
“I don’t feel like going to the gym.” 
“I don’t feel like asking for a referral.”
 “I don’t feel like scheduling my day out by 10 minutes at a time.”
“I don’t feel like being nice.” 
We just become super needy.
Which then obviously translates to low vibrational frequency. 
Which is going to be the opposite over here with our dreams, our goals, and desires.
So, recognize if there’s something that you’ve been wanting to do.
You’ve been wanting to grow your practice, you’ve been wanting to grow your income, you’ve been wanting to lose weight or start exercising again or you know, maybe it’s telling that staff member to take a hike.
If you’re not doing it, it’s because you’re losing a battle with your emotions.

And a great way to change that is by scheduling your day at minimum every 10 minutes.

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