The Largest Barrier to Growth for Chiropractors

Guest Post by Bootcamper Dr. ShaRhae Angela Matousek 


It is a word that brings up so many emotions. It is a topic that is the focus of countless podcasts, books, and articles. Yet it is the largest barrier to growth in most professionals.

Within all of us is the capacity to fulfill our calling in life. We have dreams placed on our hearts that are longing to be accomplished. Yet, despite these wonderful plans, most of us fall below our potential in life. We are limited in our ability to see past our negative thoughts and beliefs. We are stuck in fear.

Facing challenges is a natural part of life. There is no shame in managing the pressures and stress of our daily existence. In Chiropractic circles, we talk to patients about this constantly. Let’s work on the root of your stress. Let’s deal with the problem instead of the symptom. Today let’s deal with the stress of not fully succeeding because we have fear holding us back.

I am afraid of putting myself out on social media because I may look silly. What will my colleagues think? It may be easier to just be than to try and fail. What if I work really hard and don’t make it? What if I make it and can’t sustain the growth? Is it failing to not try at all?

Pressure and stress are a normal part of life but how you deal with them determine your ability to overcome or be stuck in your limiting belief. You can circle around your fears over and over again. Deciding to change and then taking steps forward, are the only way out of the never-ending circle of our own mind.

Believing your fears limits capacity. Increasing your capacity is making the decision to face your fears head-on. Create a consistent plan that forces you to work on daily.  Stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone and just trust in your calling. Persevere and expand your capacity to know what to do.

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