5 Proven Ways to Keep Your Family Strong, Happy, and Together During Chaos

by Dr. Barbara Eaton with special guest Dr. Chelsea Rainey

I am excited to engage with you today on this topic that is near and dear to my heart. Families are who I fight for…not just keeping them as one, but helping them to be tightly woven together like a tweed fabric. The beauty and durability is based on its varying uniquenesses, colors, textures, and sizes, just like families.

Here are 5 ways to accomplish this:

1. Healthy Conflict

  • Ephesians 4:25-32

2. Eliminate Stress

* Seek to abolish these stressors permanently, not just during COVID. This is a powerful way to cast vision for your family beyond COVID19.

* Areas of stress:

  • Chemical: What should eliminate? What can you replace it with?
  • Physical: What should you eliminate? What can you replace it with?
  • Emotional: What should you eliminate? What can you replace it with?
  • Technological: What should you eliminate? What can you replace it with?

3. MF3

  • M:Me

At the beginning of your day, commit to ONE.  thing that you’ll do for YOU that day. This doesn’t have to be something new. It can easily just be you acknowledging that self care and/or self development is vital for you.

  • F:Family

What is an act of service: a group lesson; a combined project; an extension of your family’s core values, ect. that you will commit to today? IE: Spring clean up at your house; we’re ALL chipping in to help with the house chores given that we’re all home now; bake cookies for an elderly couple a deliver them; serve at a homeless shelter; volunteer at church; ect.

  • F:Future

What is your future? What do you want to experience “out there?” BE forward thinking when recording this one. IE: that Christmas vacation that you have always wanted to take but given the inflated prices during the holidays you haven’t done it….book it now; what activities are you most looking forward to resuming once the “Shelter in place” mandates have been lifted? Set your gaze on your future.

  • F:Fun

Plan out your FUN for the day! What is one FUN thing that you want to do today? Yes, this can encompass your self care. This is one of the most powerful ways to shift out of overwhelm. Plan your fun and then take action on your plan. Have FUN!

4. Be a PARENT to your children.

  • They have PLENTY of friends! And if they don’t have friends, teach them how to be a friend.
  • Boundaries-Read Cloud and Townsends books on this subject. They are phenomenal!
  • Transform to Enroll; give them a new CONTEXT through which to see this situation, make sure it’s one that emphasizes the positive aspects.

5. Be creative to combat boredom!

  • Involve your whole family.
  • BREAK your routine.

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