What To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed


It is WAY TO EASY to allow our minds to render us ineffective in our businesses if we do not confront our desire for perfection with a pinch of REALITY.


We will not be able to stand the weight of our own perfectionism for long before it leads to discouragement & possibly… burnout! This is why we must confront it!! If you have no idea what I’m talking about…

𝙏𝙃𝙀 π™‹π™€π™π™π™€π˜Ύπ™π™„π™Šπ™‰π™„π™Žπ™ˆ π™π™π˜Όπ™‹ π™žπ™¨ π™¬π™π™šπ™£ π™¬π™š π™–π™§π™š 𝙨𝙩π™ͺπ™˜π™  π™—π™šπ™‘π™žπ™šπ™«π™žπ™£π™œ 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩 π™¨π™€π™’π™šπ™©π™π™žπ™£π™œ 𝙝𝙖𝙨 𝙩𝙀 π™—π™š π™‹π™€π™π™π™€π˜Ύπ™ π™žπ™£ π™€π™§π™™π™šπ™§ 𝙛𝙀𝙧 π™žπ™© 𝙩𝙀 π™—π™š π™šπ™­π™šπ™˜π™ͺπ™©π™šπ™™.

THIS IS A PROBLEM & here’s what we have to do about it… know that doing your best does not mean perfect execution.

What doing your best actually means: showing up bringing all the value that you can & learning from your mistakes to make the next time even better.

  1. Unclutter
  2. MF3: Me, Family, Future & Fun
  3. Bite- Sized Chunks: Break things down.
  4. Simplify
  5. Keep Commitments To Yourself

These tips were given to me by Best- Selling author Rich Christiansen.

Download the 5 Easy Steps to Break The Overwhelm Cycle here!

Here’s an example of my MF 3


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