Being Shopped on Price

By Dr. Barbara Eaton

Not too long ago, a boot camper asked the question about being shopped on price, and immediately other boot campers jumped in with great solutions. The boot camper who had asked the question, reported that she took those solutions back to her practice member, and from that, she scheduled not one practice member, but two!
Woohoo! That’s how we roll in the boot camp!

But, just a week or so after that, I was at the Wealth Factory, and I heard the funniest thing! I’ve just gotta share it with you!
One of the Wealth Factory guys and I were talking, and he said he had been talking with a chiropractor about being shopped. He had told the chiropractor to tell the person who was shopping around for the cheapest price, “Huh, what could go wrong? It’s only your spine and your nervous system. I can totally get why you’d would wanna go to the cheapest person for that!”

Right? I think that that is such a powerful mindset to have!
And that’s a mindset I have about the boot camp, too!

If you’re shopping around for the cheapest help to double your business, or the cheapest community, or the cheapest way to learn how to be successful in practice, I mean, what could go wrong? Cheap has got to be the pathway to economic independence, right?

It’s not; cheap is not the way to economic independence. So, I would encourage you, just like you would give advice to your practice members or potential new practice members on what to look for, ITS’A ALL ABOUT VALUE!

What value are you going to get? Because cheap often makes us spend money. Where, when we invest money, it grows. When you invest your time and you invest your money, then it grows! This so much better than throwing your money at the cheap stuff!

I hope this encourages you to just think,”what could go wrong if I’m shopping cheap for my healthcare, or for my success?”

Because let me tell you, A LOT could go wrong. There is A LOT to lose!

The bottom line is, searching for the cheapest thing doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense now, it doesn’t make sense tomorrow, and it doesn’t even make sense five years from now.

Remember to be the chiropractor that over delivers, and because you over deliver, you have the highest price tag.

But please, please, please, always, always, always, OVER DELIVER.

Quadruple what you provide in terms of value, and then double your price, and then that way it feels really good to your practice member, as well as to you! Because now, you are giving this service for this amount of money, because you have quadrupled your value!

I’ll use the Boot Camp as an example. When I first kicked it off, two years ago in April, there were 56 video trainings. Now there are over 300! We’re getting pretty close to 400 actually!
They have all been created since 2017 and forward. This isn’t the old stuff from the early 2000’s or the 1990’s that I’m simply re-packaging. This is what works in practice NOW to double, triple or…. One of my boot campers recently shared with us that her business is now six times what it was last year! HOW COOL IS THAT? You could sextuple your business!

If this is of value to you, and you feel like it would be of value to at least one other chiropractic friend, then please share this with them!

And let’s really raise the bar within our profession!

Let’s be the profession that always over delivers!

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