Being Persistent on Retention

Retention Tip

We’re gonna start by asking our practice member to draw up ideas of things they already hold to be true about consistency.

The persistent people are great.

So persistent people are the ones who have the wealth.

Persistent people, people who exercise persistence are in the best shape.

Persistence has a lot to do with our relationship.

So persistence is key.

So, here’s how the conversation would begin.

Hey Michelle, let me ask you something. “If I wanna be fit for a lifetime, “how often, how long do I have to exercise?”

Obviously, Michelle’s gonna go, “Well, you have to exercise for a lifetime.”

Say absolutely.

If I want to have a body that shows that I eat clean, how long do I have to eat clean if I want that body and the results of that for a lifetime?

Well, obviously you’re gonna have to eat healthy for a lifetime.

If I want a great marriage, how long do I have to focus on cultivating and growing that relationship if I want that for a lifetime?

Obviously, I’m gonna have to do it for a lifetime. So then you go back to your practice member and say, “Exactly.”

So you already understand chiropractic care.

In order to enjoy the benefit of the chiropractic lifestyle, you have to do it for a lifetime.

Am I saying you have to commit to a lifetime of chiropractic care today?

No, I’m simply asking that you put it into that same category of other things that you know to do for a lifetime to get a lifetime benefit.

Now, I make it really easy for you in my office.

I break it down into one-year increments, 36 visit cycles, and 12 visit chunks.

That means every 12 visits, you’ll have a re-exam in addition to your adjustment and on the visit after that, an extended consultation where I’ll go over your progress with you.

The reason that that is so important is throughout life, throughout a year or throughout a week and a month, our body goes through all different kinds of stressors, physical, chemical, and emotional.

I want to make sure that you’re always on the best care plan in order to maximize the healing potential of your body!

There may be times that you’re experiencing a whole bunch of stress.

I’ll increase your frequency of care. There may be times your body’s adapting and doing quite well, in which case, I’ll graduate you to less frequency.

It’s always based on what your body needs at the time and that’s my job as your chiropractor is to evaluate that and to give you that best care plan.

So, there you go. That’s how to really improve retention and this isn’t a conversation that you’re only gonna have one time with your practice member.

Remember that the first law of learning is repetition.

So repeating this story over and over again will help your practice members understand the benefit of long term chiropractic care as well to understand that there are times that they’re gonna increase the frequency of care and there are gonna be times it’ll be less, but that you, as their chiropractor, are in control of their care and that you will always set for them the best care plan to maximize their healing potential.

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