4 Types of Listening

Did you know there are four types of listening?

If you know me, I’m sure you’ve heard me say things like…

“Just shut up and listen!”

“Be interested more than you’re interesting.”

The thing is, relationships are the backbone of a successful business.

Think about a strategic partner you meet.

The new business in your community that stopped into your office to introduce themselves.

The new PM that came to you because her doc doesn’t really listen.

What about the follow up ROF…

Do you see where I’m going? Which brings me to this…

Did you know there are four types of listening?

  • Distracted listening
  • Hard listening
  • Purposeful listening
  • Quiet listening

Distracted listening is probably what most of us do to each other.

You know, we’re doing something else while we’re trying to listen.

Hard listening is I’m listening for my rebuttal. So I’m not really listening to what you’re doing and listening more to figure out like… ‘How can I interrupt you and get my two cents and purpose for listening is where we’re listening for instructions like, do I go left? Or do I go right?’

And then there’s quiet listening. This what we all want.

This is just listening. Listening like a rock. Listening just to hold space for somebody.

This is the kind of listening that we all want the other person to do for us.

This is where we hold space for somebody and guess what happens?

They get to their truth.

So I hope that you are mindful of these four types of listening.

Let me know your thoughts. Any oop or aha moments occur after reading this?

You only get one shot a that first impression. Make it count!

If you feel like you need more guidance or need some to really listen and hold space for you, reach out! I’d LOVE to connect.


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