Feeling Frazzled?

If you know me then you know I am anything but fancy! Being raised on a farm
meant that we just had to get things done; there was no time or space for fancy.

This family-value to just get things done yielded a firm commitment to practicality.
If you’re like me than you have noticed that life has gotten super complicated especially
for families. I truly believe that the feeling of being frazzled is anchored in the our thirst
to be like others and to make sure that our kids have, do, and experience EVERYTHING!

I am not suggesting that wanting the best for our children is bad. Quite on the contrary-
that’s the exact point I will make in this message today. 

My friend, being everywhere and nowhere in your business leads to burn out. Guess what, 
this American family habit of racing from one activity to the next; gobbling
down food on the fly; pressuring kids to be on the starting line up of every sport or the 
soloist at every concert is leading to FAMILY burn out. 

As chiropractors, we know what happens to an over-stressed nerve system. So it is us who 
must lead the migration back to ease and tranquility.

Here’s a thought and challenge for those of you who feel like you just don’t have enough 
time with your children…

How about cutting back on the number of activities you enroll them in and just instead BE 
with them!!!??

Kids don’t have to experience every activity by the time they’re 10. Your entire family’s stress 
level will decrease when your schedule lessens. Can you imagine the impact you’ll have in your
community when your family is known by everyone as the family who embodies tranquility and 

Give a try-what can it hurt?

Here’s to intentional living,
Dr. Barbara

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