Here’s a Great Tip I Learned from Rachel Hollis…

If you know me very well then you know that a lot of the content that I share whether from the platform, through email, Facebook Lives, etc is just from me figuring out my own stuff.

I have always gravitated to solve my challenges publicly because I firmly believe that “We’re in this game called LIFE and we’re in it to win it…TOGETHER!”

Here’s a great tip I learned from Rachel Hollis. Even though it seems corny, it actually works…

Find a picture of what and who you will be when you are living that dream/goal. Will you be standing on a stage in front of 1000s of people; will you be riding in a convertible waving to all of your fans; will you be on a beach with those that you love: will you own a huge natural health care clinic; will you own the largest chiropractic franchise; will you have multiple streams of passive income that over shadow your ordinary income?

These don’t have to be big steps, but there does have to be evidence that you are moving closer to the person you want to become. And please focus on the PERSON more than the goal because BIG goals require a different you to hit them. 

Find a picture that resembles WHO you must become for your dreams to come true. 

Are you taking steps every single day in order to make “her/him” happen?

Listen, the greatest threat to any of us living to our optimum potential is a low demand environment.

I confess that I have never accomplished massive goals on my own. I am so very thankful for the coaches and Tribe around me who help me discover my dreams and then to take action to live them.

Thank you for the privilege of being in your life today! 

Mike Michalowicz, best-selling author of: Profit First, Clockwork, The Pumpkin Plan, Surge, and The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. Mike will be delivering a powerful keynote AND a VIP reception for a select group. Mark your calendars because you’re for sure gonna want to attend!! Men are invited to the VIP reception. ; )


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