Financial Exercise – Great Date Night Idea

Financial freedom starts with getting clear about what you want. 

I want to share this really neat Financial Exercise that makes for a great date night. It’s something that my financial advisor shared with me. 

I’m sharing this financial exercise with you, my chiropractic colleagues because I think it’s really important to where it starts with you getting control of your financial life. Financial freedom starts with getting clear about what you want. 

I personally think this also makes for good date night, okay, so if you’re married, if you share your finances with your partner, do the same exercise but separate. 

Then you can compare notes afterwards,

 I think it makes for a great date night. Since we’re going into the weekend, maybe you’ll take me up on it. 

The Financial Exercise is simple: 

  1. Write down 101 things that you want in life. Just take out a notepad and just number it 1 – 101. 
  2. Add to that and write something different for each number
  3. Finally cross out all but 10

This will pave the way for you to get really clear about what you really want in life. 

Why because then you can back into what you want in life to what it requires financially.

Then once we know what you really need financially, to get to that place where you feel like you have what matters most and what you really want in life. 

Well, then you can just chart a course. You can map a plan. 

And you know all the financial tools, people get hung up on this portfolio or that investment or this tax strategy or whatever. Those things are just meant to help you achieve those goals. They help you cross that threshold so that  you can have what you need to have those things you want in life. 

Let’s first get clear about where we want to go so that it starts to feel more attainable. 

I hope that you take me up on doing this exercise, it’s really fun! 

If you need extra guidance, Jeff and I are hosting the Financial+Boot Camp that starts on April 5th, 2022. Learn more here!

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