3 Helpful Tips When Training Your Team

The TMO Method is a tried and true way of training your team. These 3 Helpful Tips – teach your te what to do, model it for them, and observe their work. This three-step process will help ensure that your team knows how to do their job correctly and efficiently. This training method has been used by hundreds of chiropractors in the Boot Camp, and it is still one of the most effective ways to train a team.

Keep this in mind before you begin. Instead of just getting through trainings, assignments, or list – we want our team to be TRAINED, right?

In the Boot Camp use use the DSS (daily success sheet). The DSS is a Boot Camper’s recipe for success. Where we measure our metrics, daily, weekly, and monthly. We know how many NPMS we have and how much money we made. That is the end result.

If I asked you what were your results, you could give them to me.

Now if i asked you HOW did you get there? … Could you tell me?

Will you know what to repeat tomorrow?

Will you know what worked if you are NOT tracking that?

Would you know what team member carried the weight.

Before you get caught up in ‘training’, it is imperative to have a system in place. When it comes to training in general my biggest tip is DO NOT move onto the next topic/training until you have observed them carrying out what the training outlined.

When you apply the TMO method

  1. Teach: The first step in the TMO Method is to teach your team. This can be done through lectures, demonstrations, or even hands-on training. Make sure that your team understands the new skill before moving on to the next step. Bonus Tip: Now is the time to create your training manual. Grab your video and hit record.
  2. Model: Once your team has learned the new skill/task, it’s time for you to model it. Show your team how the skill is used in your office. This will help them understand how to apply the skill on their own. Do it until your team member does it exactly as you train it and do not move on.
  3. Observe: The final step in the TMO Method is to observe your team. This will help you identify any areas where they need. After the training, it is your team’s member’s responsibility to learn it to execute it precisely.

Don’t forget to give a deadline by which you will test them on that training. If you need extra guidance, reach out!


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